don't ever give up on your dreams (ms_independent) wrote in seattlecocktail,
don't ever give up on your dreams

posh dinner w/out the posh price???

hi. i need y'all's help. i'm turning 26 (eck) on the 12th and with my posh mother coming into town i want to have a dinner so she can meet my co-workers and friends. i want the place to be nice and slightly upscale, but i don't want it to be TOO expensive. i'm thinking around oh, 20 people, and there are two kids 10 & 11. (boys, slightly behaved) can you guys give me suggestions on where i might go. i was thinking the broadway cafe but i'm not sure if they can handle 20 people in there. it looks small. cafe septiem might work, but do you guys know of any others near or around seattle that would be fitting???
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